The War in the Middle Colonies

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This booklet describes the middle colonies, how geography influenced people to change their livelihood, about New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania
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Chapter 3, Lesson
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2. Middle
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2. New Jersey
3. Pennsylvania
4. Delaware
3. The
” Colonies
The Middle Colonies were
located between the New
England Colonies and the
Southern Colonies.
5. NEW YORK (1664)
• The English created New York and
New Jersey from a former Dutch
• The area was first controlled by the
Dutch and called New Netherland.
• The most important settlement was
New Amsterdam, a seaport at the
mouth of the Hudson River.
• The Dutch West India Company
settled New Netherland by granting
land to people who could bring at least
50 settlers to work the land.
• Patroons: were the land owners who
received these land grants.
– Had their own courts and laws.
– Settlers owed the patroons labor & share of
their crops.
6. New Amsterdam in 1664
7. New Netherlands Becomes NEW
• The English wanted New Netherland because they claimed they
had explored the land first, they sent a fleet to capture it.
• Peter Stuyvesant (Dutch governor) was forced to surrender to
the English.
8. The Duke
of York
• King Charles II (king of England)
gave New Netherland to his brother
the Duke of York.
• New Netherland renamed New
• N.Y. was a proprietary colony, a
colony in which an owner, or
proprietor, owned all the land and
controlled the government.
• The colony thrived under English
9. NEW
• The Duke of York (owner of New York) divided his
• He gave this land to Lord John Berkeley & Sir
Carteret, they named the colony New Jersey.
• To attract settlers, proprietors offered:
– Large tracts of land, religious freedom, trial by jury, and a
representative assembly.
10. (1681)
• Society of Friends, or
Quakers, was one of
largest Protestant groups
in England.
• Quakers were pacifists—
people who refused to
fight in wars.
11. William Penn established
the colony of Pennsylvania
• William Penn founded
Pennsylvania, a larger colony
for Quakers that provided a
safe home.
• Pennsylvania was founded to
escape religious persecution
in England.
• Pennsylvania had religious
freedom and toleration.
• Philadelphia (“brotherly love”)
is the main town.
12. “Holy Experiment”
• Quakers believed everyone was equal.
• William Penn promised fair treatment of Native
• Believed that Native Americans owned the land
and settlers should pay for it.
• He negotiates several treaties with Native
• However, as non-Quaker immigrants came, they
were less tolerant of Indians (Scots-Irish).
13. Delaware (1682)
• Delaware was formed from
the southern part of
• People from Sweden and
the Netherlands settled
there and then the English
took over.
• William Penn let these
colonists have their own
• Eventually this settlement
became Delaware.
• Like Pennsylvania,
Delaware had religious