The American Revolution

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First Battle of the American Revolution-


Valley Forge 

Lexington and Concord


The French began to support the Americans after this battle-

Lexington and Concord



Treaty of French 

Who was the opponent at Valley Forge?

Winter, starvation, disease




In what chronological order did the battles occur?

Valley Forge, French & Indian War, Battle of Saratoga, Battle of York Town

Lexington & Concord, Battle of Bunker Hill, Battle of Trenton, Battle of Yorktown

Battle of Saratoga, Valley Forge, French & Indian War, Lexington & Concord

Yorktown, French & Indian War, Saratoga, Valley Forge

Which battle is considered the Turning Point of the American Revolution?

Battle of Trenton

Battle of Saratoga

Lexington & Concord

Battle of Bunker Hill

How did the former German General Baron von Steuben help the Americans?

Shared British secrets

Made a huge donation to the American Revolution cause

Helped to form alliance with France

Trained the soldiers to march and fire guns quickly

When was America declared independent?

October 26th, 2014

July 31st, 1842

July 4th, 1776

January 7th,1777

What 2 major battles did the Americans win?

Trenton and Saratoga

Philadelphia and New York

New York and Saratoga

Trenton and New York

George Washington was appointed as the ____________ during the American Revolution.

Father of the US Navy

British General

Colonial Spy

Commander of the Continental Army

The ______________ had the British recognize the United States as an independent nation.

Treaty of Paris

Declaration of Independence

Proclamation of 1763


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