Cookie Policy

At MeritHub, we believe in being clear and open about how we collect and use data related to you. This Cookie Policy applies to any MeritHub product or service that links to this policy or incorporates it by reference. We use cookies and similar technologies to collect and use data as part of our Services as defined in our Privacy Policy (“Services”) and which includes our sites, communications, and off-site Services.

By continuing to visit or use our Services, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes described in this policy.


We use cookies for following purposes:


We use cookies to verify your account and determine when you’re logged in so we can make it easier for you to access the MeritHub Products and show you the appropriate experience and features.

Security, site and product integrity

To create an account you need to provide data including your name, email address, country time zone, mobile number, phone, user type (individual / org / industry) and a password. If you register for a premium Service, you will need to provide payment (e.g., credit card) and billing information. Some of these fields we can collect while you contact us or request a demo.

Customized content

We use cookies and similar technologies to customize your experience on our Services.


A pixel is a tiny image that may be found within web pages and emails, requiring a call (which provides device and visit information) to our servers in order for the pixel to be rendered in those web pages and emails. We use pixels to learn more about your interactions with email content or web content, such as whether you interacted with ads or posts. Pixels can also enable us and third parties to place cookies on your browser.

Local storage

Local storage enables a website or application to store information locally on your device(s). Local storage may be used to improve the MeritHub experience, for example, by enabling features, remembering your preferences about audio/video devices and speeding up site functionality.

Browser controls

Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their settings, which may be adapted to reflect your consent to the use of cookies. Further, most browsers also enable you to review and erase cookies, including MeritHub cookies. To learn more about browser controls, please consult the documentation that your browser manufacturer provides.