Dedicated focus on education technology

Much better than meeting tools for online tutoring and training.

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Zoom, Microsoft Team and other meeting products have optimized their workflow for meetings. We have optimized our workflow for education.

online classroom

Meetings rarely need digital library, but online classes need

  • Upload your existing teaching material once. Use and share it unlimited times.

  • Store all types of files easily on cloud.

  • Access them from any device.

  • View and play files on the web, no need to download.

  • Get exclusive drive for each organization.

  • Set download permission for students.

  • Even students get their personal digital library.

You need more than meetings to manage the classroom

  • Manage permission of Audio/Video & writing for participants.

  • Mute classroom in one go if there is noise.

  • Remove all chat messages if something inappropriate is written.

  • Clear all whiteboards to start fresh.

  • Increase/decrease quality of video based on available bandwidth.

  • Remove & block participants if needed.


Option to set different schedules for online classes

  • Permanent classes/rooms for the flexible schedule.

  • Fix recurring schedules for the future.

  • One time classes at scheduled time.

  • Set default classroom permissions for students.

Different teaching scenarios demand flexible layouts.

  • Classroom view for one-to-one and group classes.

  • Meeting view for face to face conversation and collaboration.

  • Full screen view for broadcasting online lectures.

  • Split screen view for educational events.

  • Full whiteboard view where full focus is needed on content.

  • Give the entire space to content as it may be more important.

  • Zoom a particular student and bring her in focus when she is presenting.


Meeting tools are not focused on whiteboards but we are

  • Any student can write on whiteboard with host permission.

  • Free hand writing with stylus pen.

  • One-click content sharing.

  • Real-time co-annotation.

  • Save & download annotated content for future use

Class feedback & attendance

  • Get feedback about the lesson learned in the classroom.

  • See attendance report.

  • Give feedback to students inside and outside of the classroom.


Roadmap focused to build world’s default learning platform

Though we are better than meeting tools, still we have covered a small piece of technology needed in education. It is designed by the experts working in education technology for more than a decade. In the coming months many use cases including online real-time assessments, chat based student to student, student to teacher collaboration outside of classroom, offline courses will be covered.