Virtual Classroom API

Empower your applications, LMS or CMS with online classroom through MeritHub’s Virtual Classroom API

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MeritHub’s REST API is flexible enough to support any custom workflow of online classes.

Innovate according to your business

  • Create a tutoring website, tutoring marketplace, online courses portal using Classroom API.

  • Add a live teaching module to LMS or CMS like moodle or WordPress.

  • Use SSO to make your users access all features of MeritHub

  • Create a full fledged Mooc/Courses delivery platform using MeritHub API.

Fully managed, leave servers & infrastructure to MeritHub

  • No need to download or install software, or setup new servers. You just interact with our REST API through your favorite programming language and we will take care of everything.

Fully featured, Reliable & highly scalable

  • You get the most advanced virtual classroom in a few easy integration steps. We manage all the infrastructure and load of peak hours for you. You get all the tools in virtual classroom including:

  • Audio/Video communication, chat, screen sharing, content sharing, whiteboard, class management tools, session recording and attendance.

Get everything you need to manage online classes

  • Schedule one time or perma live classes with API

  • Get common host, moderator and participant link to join the class

  • Set and edit classes schedule

  • Edit, delete and cancel classes

  • Add participants and get unique link for each participant

  • Get attendance report for each class

Meeting tools are not focused on whiteboards but we are

  • Any student can write on whiteboard with host permission.

  • Free hand writing with stylus pen.

  • One-click content sharing.

  • Real-time co-annotation.

  • Save & download annotated content for future use

Drive API to manage content for the classroom

  • Pre-upload content in the library (drive) and share it with learners in the classroom.

  • Even students can upload content in the library with the API.

  • Upload content in the public library and make it accessible to all people in the organization.

Seamless integration

  • You learners and instructors, directly enter the MeritHub classroom and go back to your portal when class is over. No hick-ups in-between.

Secure Oauth2 authentication

  • We follow Oauth2 to grant API token and expire it after 60 mins to keep it highly secure.

JSON based communication

  • Developers can integrate our REST in any of their favorite programming languages. A few examples are python, Node.JS, PHP, GoLang, Java, C#.Net, swift, Ruby. Our tech team will guide your development team on each step.

To get API keys and documentation: