The Antebellum Period

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What was the first state-supported university ever chartered in the United States?

University of Georgia

Georgia Tech

University of North Carolina

Emory University

The Baptists and Methodists became the two most influential religious groups in Georgia due to which of the following reasons-

They were the first churches to think of using colleges to train preachers

They were willing to use methods to reach people along the frontier

They were the only denominations proclaiming to believe in the bible

They were the only denominations with formally trained ministers

Circuit Riders were associated with which of the following-

The University of Georgia

Yazoo Land Fraud



What land distribution system gave settlers 200 acres of land plus 50 acres for each family member-

Headright system

Land lottery

Yazoo Land Act

Land Fairness System

Legislators were bribed to sell land at a very low cost in the-

Land Purchase Plan

Yazoo Land Fraud

Yazoo Land Lottery

Georgia Land Scandal

What impact did cotton have on Georgia's economy during the 1800s?

It led to the state's increased dependence on trade as Georgia imported tons and tons of cotton from other states

It decreased in importance as more textile mills opened

It decreased the need for slaves because the state had less rice plantations

It became the most important crop to the state's economy and ensured Georgia's dependence on slavery

The cotton gin had which of the following effects on Georgia?

It made it harder for large plantation owners to make money

It made harvesting cotton easier so that slaves were no longer needed

It made harvesting cotton more efficient and increased the state's dependence on the crop

It caused many mills to close and go out of business

Sequoyah's greatest contribution to the Cherokee was-

Providing his people with their own written language

Leading Native American forces against the federal government

Signing a peace treaty with Georgia officials

Challenging laws that violated Native American rights

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