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Powerful, yet simple tools and workflows that help learners and instructors stay organized, easily take action, and engage with content and each other. MeritHub can be implemented with minimal or no training.

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Setup your network in seconds

  • Get dedicated space for your institution, academy, organization, team, school, college or university. Inside the network you can manage its profile, invite users, schedule & deliver classes, and create a personal digital library.

change user role

Manage roles and permissions easily

  • Administrators use predefined roles to group permissions into sets that can be assigned to user accounts. Every user associated with a role gets all of the permissions included in the role.

Invite guests to deliver or attend lectures

  • With each class you get host, moderator and participant links. You can forward those links to users outside of your network and they can enter the classroom with that set of privileges.


Every user gets its digital library under each network

  • Users with every role including students get their personal digital drive, where they can upload their existing material once and share it in any classroom.

Flexible choice for online classes

  • Instructors get flexible class scheduling options for different scenarios i.e. one time class, permanent rooms, recurring classes.


Reliability. Always On, Always Updated

  • Teaching and learning never stops. Eliminate downtime and take advantage of the latest innovations as soon as they become available; no upgrade or system downtime needed.