Learning About The Government

This quiz contains different questions related to the American Government, its various functions, and so on are asked. Various multiple-choice questions are added to the quiz for students’ effective learning.

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Which of the following is a power given to the national government?

conduct local elections

establish schools

coin money

regulate marriages

Which of the following is a duty (obligation) of every American?

participate in government

pay taxes

volunteer in the community

invest in government bonds

Which of the following are responsibilities, things that citizens should do to benefit the common good?

Go to school until 16 years old

Obey the law

Attend civic meetings

Pay taxes

Which of the following is a basic freedom of citizens that is outlined in the First Amendment?

the right to bear arms

the right to vote

the right to a free press

the right to free health care

The document that created the basic principles of the US government is...

Star-spangled Banner




One of the core beliefs that Americans share is _______________.

respect for the rights of each individual

respect for the power of investments

belief in capitalism as the best form of government

awareness that each citizen's powers are limited

Which person is the leader of our country and the commander in chief of our military?

Vice President




Which branch of government has the power to make laws?





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