The Early Republic

This quiz contains questions related to the early American republic. Different types of multiple-choice questions are added in the quiz so that students can learn effectively about the history.

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In his farewell address, Washington warned of:  

Avoiding entanglement with foreign affairs, avoid political parties 

Avoid political parties, acquiring slaves

Avoiding entanglement with foreign affairs, trading goods

Trading goods, acquiring slaves

What was the significance of the Louisiana Purchase?

Doubled the size of the United States

Finished the war between Spain and France

Provided a place for the French to plant crops

Tripled the size of the United States

What was the significance of the Whiskey Rebellion? 

To tax whiskey

Demonstrated the U.S. government’s power to enforce laws

To create more whiskey

Demonstrated the Supreme Court's power to create new laws

National pride, fewer political conflicts increase in manufacturing are all characteristics of:

The Era of Bad Feelings

The Era of Spoiled Feelings

The Era of Cockiness

The Era of Good Feelings

 What was Washington’s foreign policy?




Hate towards others

The XYZ Affair was caused by:

Alien Sedition Acts

Embargo Act


Immigration Registration Act

Extreme nationalism called, “The Era of Good
Feeling” was a social effect of 

Eastward expansion

War of 1912

Trump's presidency

War of 1812

 Competition, Economic Freedom, and Individual Choice are examples of:

Free Enterprise



Era of Bad Feelings

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