Mobility. Any Device, Any Time.

Modern, intuitive and fully responsive mobile optimized virtual classroom

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With a modern, intuitive, fully responsive interface, MeritHub delivers a simpler, more powerful teaching and learning experience that goes beyond the traditional video conferencing tools.

Product Dashboard

Fully responsive whiteboard, video layouts, screen sharing and content

  • Different students can enter the same class from different devices. Everything will perfectly fit-in including text written on the whiteboard, free hand drawing, shapes, shared ppts and docs. Video and chat layouts will fit themselves according to the orientation of the screen.

A Mobile First Approach to Learning

Active participation on the go

  • MeritHub helps your students or trainees to learn anywhere with mobile access to their content and live classes. It work

Manage classes, content and participants from Mobile

  • Not only virtual classrooms, every interface is designed to work on any device. Administrators, instructors and learners all can easily accomplish their tasks on-the-go using mobile responsive interfaces.


Greater engagement

  • Since contemporary learners are increasingly using mobile phones for their day-to-day tasks, learning on mobile fits into their daily routine easily

Lower cost for learners

  • Learners save cost in their online learning setup as smartphones are a cheaper alternative to laptops and desktops


Train remote-working employees

Mobile learning through MeritHub offers an opportunity to reach employees that are always on the go or work remotely.


It becomes easier for your learners to consume the course content via mobile increasing the completion rates for your online course

Device compatibility

With MeritHub you can deliver online classes on any device that increases the overall reach of your learning program