Manifest Destiny: Goals and Methods

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This booklet helps students to learn and enhances their knowledge about the goals and methods of Manifest Destiny and how does it matter, describing its concept development, skill development.
1. Grade 8: U.S. History Liberty Middle School
Learning Objective: (Word Transfer T-S-PS-NV<3>)
Students will be able to describe the goals and methods of Manifest Destiny.
Activate Prior We already know that America started out as
Knowledge 13 colonies under the control of Great Britain.
However, in the 1800s America starts to expand
beyond its original borders.
Washington Jefferson JacksonPolk
1780 1800 1820 1840
Expansion of the United States
2. Grade 8: U.S. History Liberty Middle School
Concept Development:
Manifest Destiny is the belief that it is America’s right AND fate to spread
west across the American continent from “sea to shining sea”.
From 1803 to 1848, America acquired1 six new territories2 to the United
States to achieve Manifest Destiny.
The United States
added territory by
one of three ways:
1. Diplomacy3
2. Purchase
3. War
Key Vocabulary
1. Acquired: to add or to get
2. Territory: land or area; not in a
state or country
3. Diplomacy: to conduct deals with
other countries
3. Concept Development
Many Americans thought it was not only the country’s divine right (authority from
God) to spread westward, but it
was their duty to extend the borders from “sea to shining sea”.
We will be looking at 5
different territories for
1.Louisiana Purchase
4.Oregon Country
5.Mexican Cession
Label the blank map
on your student
Describe some Americans’ attitude toward westward expansion.
4. Grade 8: U.S. History Liberty Middle School
Skill Development:
5. Relevance/Advanced Question:
Why does Manifest Destiny matter?
• Expansion is part of our national heritage.
• You will be asked what Manifest Destiny is on
the test and discuss how different groups felt
about it.
• Advanced Research Topic: Do we still have
Manifest Destiny?
6. Grade 8: U.S. History Liberty Middle School
Exit Ticket/Closure
Use your notes to complete the following.
1. In your own words, what is the goal of Manifest Destiny and what are two
methods the United States used to accomplish it?