Most powerful Virtual Classroom for Online Education

Zoom & Google Meet are designed for meetings. MeritHub is designed for online teaching, tutoring & training.

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A differentiated feature set that you don’t get in video-conferencing softwares.

Layout optimized for virtual and hybrid classes

  • Classroom View

    Left panel for videos and chat, big area for whiteboard, content sharing and screen sharing.

  • Gallery View

    Just like face to face conversation, used for group classes, meetings and collaboration.

  • Full Screen View

    Optimized for hybrid classes when you are using a physical whiteboard in your room.

  • Split Screen View

    Optimized for group classes or training where video convestation and content is equally important

  • Full whiteboard View

    Give the entire space to content as it may be more important than video. Audio will be still on.

  • You can zoom any participant

    Bring focus on who is speaking or presenting.

Everything you need to control the classroom

  • Manage permission of audio/video & writing for participants

  • Mute classroom in one go

  • Remove all chat messages

  • Clear all whiteboards

  • Increase/decrease quality of video based on available bandwidth

  • Remove & block participants

Join classes from any device

  • Learn and teach anytime, anywhere with a fully responsive design for all devices to support critical workflows.

  • Everything including classes, content and recordings can be accessed from any portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Digital drive and library

  • Upload your existing content once. Use and share it unlimited times.

  • Store all types of files easily on cloud.

  • Access them from any device.

  • View and play files on the web, no need to download.

  • Get exclusive drive for each organization.

Low latency, secure Audio/Video communication

  • Inherently low latency- Based on WebRTC open framework.

  • Secure connection between participants and server.

  • Platform and device independence. All major browsers and devices support WebRTC.

  • Students/participants can stop any specific video for them if they are on low bandwidth.

  • Hosts and moderators can increase/decrease the quality of video as per their choice.

Multiple whiteboards

  • Collaborate real time with participants.

  • Free hand writing with stylus pen.

  • One-click content sharing.

  • Real-time co-annotation.

  • Save & download annotated content.

Multiple simultaneous screen sharing

  • Share any specific application or all open windows.

  • You can share multiple application screens simultaneously.

  • Multiple participants can share screens at same time for deeper collaboration.

  • See screen in whiteboard area or make it full screen.

Record classes and play them again in next class

  • Automated server-side recording on cloud that works in the background when a class is streaming live.

  • Participants who missed your live class or webinar can now have access to recordings whenever they like.

  • All recordings will be added to your personal library and you can use it in the next class or session.

  • One-click content sharing.

Real-time messaging, ask questions, raise hand

  • Students & teachers can text-chat with-in classroom.

  • Students can raise their hand to indicate that they need something from the host or teacher.

  • They can ask specific questions that only the host or moderator can see.

Class scheduling, management & attendance

  • Unparalleled usability. MeritHub can be implemented with minimal or no training.

  • Permanent classes/rooms where you can be live anytime.

  • Fix recurring schedules for the future.

  • One time classes at scheduled time.

  • Set default classroom permissions for participants.

  • See who attended the class with in and out time.