Rights And Responsibilities Of Citizens

This quiz contains different questions related to the rights and responsibilities of citizens are asked. Various multiple-choice questions are added to the quiz for students’ effective learning.

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Which of the following are the responsibilities of U.S. citizens? Select all that apply.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen

Staying informed and voting

Setting up a neighborhood watch program

Following the law and respecting law enforcement officers

Which amendment below allowed African American males the right to vote?

15th Amendment

14th Amendment

13th Amendment

17th Amendment

Which term below means the constitutional right to vote?





This amendment allowed women the right to vote in 1930.

15th Amendment

14th Amendment

19th Amendment

17th Amendment

Which statement below demonstrates a citizen influencing his/her government?

Suzie knits sweaters and donates them to a homeless shelter

Boris writes a letter to his senator explaining the dangers of shell oil drilling in his neighborhood

Miguel and his Boy Scout troop rake leaves and plant flowers for the elderly in the community

Yvonne writes a report about United States Veterans and their heroic experiences in the Middle East

Which of the following is a government in which people rule themselves either directly or indirectly?





This is known as the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution



Bill of Rights

trial by jury

The first amendment consists of which rights?

the right to bear arms

rights to a speedy, public and jury trial

religion, assembly, unreasonable searches and seizures

religion, assembly, press, petition and speech

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