The Age of Exploration: Columbus's Voyage

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This booklet helps students to learn about organizing and identifying new locations that explorers explored and the Age of Revolution, technology, and the Americas.
1. Objectives
•Organize and identify new locations that
explorers discovered.
•Name, write, and organize information of at least
3 explorers.
2. Social Studies
The Age of Exploration
3. Why Explore?
• Spices
• Technology- made it safer
• Rich
• Religion
4. New Technology
• Made longer sea voyages
• Better sails- made it move
5. Magnetic Compass
• Needle always points
*Helped sailors figure out
what way they were traveling
6. Gunpowder
• Sailors mounted cannons
on their ships.
• Made it safer to travel
great distances
7. Why did he become famous?
• He was a famous sailor and
• He led a voyage from the Old
World in search of a new route
to India and China.
• He landed in the Americas.
They were also called the New
World during the years that
Columbus was alive.
• His discoveries inspired the
European countries to explore
and colonize the Americas.
9. What are the Americas?
• They include the continents of North
America and South America.
• The Americas include Canada, the United
States of America, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto
Rico, Brazil, the Bahamas, and many other
10. The Americas
11. What was the New World and the
Old World?
• The New World were the countries that
made up the Americas. The people who
lived in Europe and Asia knew little to
nothing about these lands.
• The Old World were the continents of
Europe, Asia, and Africa.
12. The Vision for the Future
• In 1486, Columbus asked
the leaders of Spain to pay
for a trip to find a new
route to Asia. They said no
to his request.
• In 1492, Columbus asked
King Ferdinand and Queen
Isabella a second time to
sponsor his voyage to Asia.
This time they agreed to
pay his fees.
13. What were the names of
Columbus’s three ships?
• The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria
were the three ships that Columbus used to
reach the New World.
14. Columbus Sails West
• Columbus set sail
from Spain with three
ships on August 3,
15. How many days where the sailors
and Columbus at sea?
• It took Columbus and
the sailors thirty-six
days to reach the New
World by ship.
16. When did Columbus reach the
New World?
• Shortly after midnight on October 12, 1492, a sailor
on board the Pinta saw land on the horizon.
17. Where did Columbus land?
• He named the island San
Salvador. It is now part of
the present-day Bahamas.
• Columbus thought he was
really near India.
• He then named the area
the West Indies.
• He named the people he
met the Indians.
• He also visited the islands
of present-day Cuba and
18. Columbus’s Voyage
19. Exploration Continues
• People began to hear about the amazing
things that Columbus had done in the New
World. Many other countries began to send
their own explorers to the New World.
• Two or the more famous explorers to follow
in Columbus’s footsteps were Amerigo
Vespuci and Vasco Nunez de Balboa.
20. Ferdinand Magellan
• His crew made first
voyage in 1522.
• Proved for certain
that the world was
• Magellan was killed
in the Phillippines,
did not make it home.
23. The End