Florida's Contribution to the American History

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This booklet is about Florida's history and its contribution, describing its origin, territories, influence on other colonies, symbols, and state revenue.
1. Florida History Unit
2. Origins
• In the early 1500’s There were three large
Native American cultures in Florida: the
Timucua in Northeast and Central Florida,
3. Origins
• the Apalachee in the Big Bend area,
4. Origins
• and the Calusa in South Florida.
5. Spanish Influence
• Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León and his
expedition were the first documented Europeans
to land on the Florida peninsula. He landed on the
East Coast, near present-day St. Augustine.
6. Spanish Influence
• Ponce de León named the peninsula
"Florida" as the season was "Pascua
Florida" (Flowery Easter).
• He then sailed to South Florida, where he was
wounded in a fight with the members of the Calusa.
7. Spanish Influence
• After serving time as governor of Puerto Rico,
Ponce de León returns to Florida in search of gold.
Contracted by the Spanish crown to colonize and
Christianize the native peoples, Ponce de León
was killed in South Florida.
8. Spanish Influence
• 1539-1542
• Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto, landed in
Florida with an 800-man expedition. After
wintering in present-day Tallahassee.
9. England’s Influence
• 1763
• The end of the French and Indian
(Seven Years War) results in the
transfer of Florida from Spain to
England. The colony was divided into
East and West Florida. St. Augustine
remains the capital of East Florida,
with Pensacola the capital of West
10. England’s Influence
• 1771
• The American Revolution begins.
Florida did not join its fellow thirteen
English colonies in the revolution and
remained loyal to England.
11. An American Territory
• 1821
• Florida becomes a US Territory, with
Andrew Jackson as its first governor.
12. Statehood
• 1821
• Tallahassee was established as the
capitol of Florida.
• 1845
• The Act establishing statehood for
Florida was approved on March 3, 1845
by the second session of the 28th
Congress. Florida the 27th state.
13. Florida Symbols
14. Florida Symbols
15. Florida Symbols
16. State Revenue