Verbs: Introduction to Action Verbs

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A verb is a word that in syntax conveys an action, an occurrence, or a state of being. In the usual description of English, the basic form, with or without the particle to, is the infinitive. In many languages, verbs are inflected to encode tense, aspect, mood, and voice.
1. By Mrs. Caro
A verb shows action.
There’s no doubt!
It tells what the subject does,
Like sing and shout!
Action verbs are fun to do!
Now it’s time to name a few!
So clap your hands and join our rhyme!
Say those verbs in record time!
Wiggle, Jiggle, Turn around
Raise your arms and stomp the ground!
Shake your finger and wink your eye!
Wave those action verbs GOODBYE!
3. These are Action Verbs:
coughed clap
awake sang
ride ran
4. To find the verb:
Locate the subject
Then ask yourself, “What is it doing?”
The dog barked.
Who? dog
“What did the dog do?”
The verb is barked, it’s what the dog is doing.
5. Let’s Practice:
The big lion roared loudly.
Who? Lion
“What did the lion do?”
The verb is roared, it’s what the lion is doing.
6. Let’s Practice:
The lighthouse shines brightly.
What? lighthouse
“What does the lighthouse do?”
The verb is shines, it’s what the lighthouse does.
7. Let’s Practice:
The snowman waves his hat to us.
Who? Snowman
“What did the snowman do?”
The verb is waves, it’s what the snowman is doing.
8. Let’s Practice:
Alexander takes his bath.
Who? Alexander
“What does Alexander do?”
The verb is takes, it’s what Alexander is doing.
9. Let’s Practice:
Sally dances in the recital.
Who? Sally
“What does Sally do?”
The verb is dances, it’s what Sally is doing.
10. Let’s Practice:
Mrs. Smith arrives late.
Who? Mrs. Smith
“What did Mrs. Smith do?”
The verb is arrives, it’s what Mrs. Smith does.
11. Let’s Practice:
Stars shine brightly at night.
What? stars
“What did the stars do?”
The verb is shine, it’s what the stars are doing.
12. Let’s Practice:
Time flies when you’re having fun.
What? time
“What does time do?”
The verb is flies, it’s what time is doing.
13. Let’s Practice:
Tommy plays baseball every year.
Who? Tommy
“What does Tommy do?”
The verb is plays, it’s what Tommy does.
14. Let’s Practice:
Jacob beats on his drum all day.
Who? Jacob
“What does Jacob do?”
The verb is beats, it’s what Jacob is doing.
15. Let’s Practice:
The bumble bee buzzes near the flower.
What? bee
“What does the bee do?”
The verb is buzzes, it’s what the bee is doing.