Linking Words: But, Although and However

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It's easy to confuse although and however because they're both used to show a contrast between ideas. But they aren't the same kind of words. Although is used to start a dependent clause. However, is used to link two independent clauses that have a full stop between them.
1. Linking words.
But, although and
2. OBut, although and however
all express contrast
OAlthough and however are
more formal than but, and
are used more in formal
3. But
O It joins two clauses. It must go before the
second clause.
O I don’t write many letters, but I send
emails a lot.
O I like dogs, but I don’t like cats.
4. Although
OIt joins two clauses. It can go at the
start of the sentence in which case
a comma separates the clauses.
OIt can also go in the middle of a
sentence in which case it is
preceded by a comma.
5. O Examples:
O Although I don’t write many letters, I
send emails a lot.
O I send emails a lot, although I don’t
write many letters,
6. However
OIt joins two sentences, and
introduces the second the second
sentence .
OIt is preceded by a full stop and
fallowed by a comma.
I don’t write many letters. However, I
send emails a lot.
7. So and Because
OSo introduces a result or
He was sick, so he left the office.
OBecause introduces a reason.
He left the office because he was sick.