Verbs: Past Tense of Irregular Forms

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Explaining the base verb exceptions that do not follow standard rules for conversion to the past tense format. The past tense is a grammatical tense whose function is to place an action or situation in the past.
1. Pas t S im p l e
Irregul ar v er b s
2. Irregular verbs make
the past form in
different ways.
Ex: go - went
eat - ate
take - took
3. Negative sentences
Subject + didn’t +
Ex: You didn’t buy tickets for
the concert.
4. Interrogative sentences
Did + subject + infinitive
Ex: Did she buy a CD?
5. Ask and answer. Follow the model.

Michael / do / his
Did Michael do his homework?
Yes, he did.
6. x
Ann / eat / pizza?
Did Ann eat a hamburger?
No, she didn’t. She ate salad.
they / win / the
Did they win the match?
Yes, they did.
8. Sue / catch / the
bus to work?
Did Sue ride her bike to work?
No, she didn’t. She drove to work.
they / go / to
the beach?
Did they go to the beach?
Yes, they did.
10. you / make / an
apple pie?
Did you make an mince pie?
No, I didn’t. I made a chocolate cake.
Peter/ buy / a
new camera?
Did Peterbuy a new camera?
Yes, he did.
12. Maggie / drink /
Did Maggie drink beer?
No, she didn’t. She drank orange juice.