Vocabulary Charts: Assorted Words

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This vocabulary chart lists various kinds of words and their meanings. A list or collection of the words or phrases of a language, technical field, etc., usually arranged in alphabetical order and defined.

1. Unit 1 Module A Lesson

2. location- a place (variation - locate)

The location of the pet store is close to the
dog park: The pond is located across from the park.

fir ane

3. earned- something that is collected
or gained (variation - earnings)

4. overtime- part of a salary that is
gained from working extra time

She worked overtime. That means The game was tied so it went into
she worked longer than she was overtime. That’s extra time added
supposed to so she could earn more to the game.
mone" a
mad oh

5. competition- a contest that will
have a winner (variation - compete)

6. solution- a blend or mixture
(variation - solve)

The scientist mixed the solution for The student was able to solve the
the experiment. difficult math equations. He found
the solution.

7. sometiint (variation -

8. Pith ROR Re ene ur ee ark s cule Anata)

9. vitae Tena Ia Ra Cu eC EE

Does Joey have a dog Add the suffix -ation
walking business? to the base word
Yes, that is affirm to make the
words affirmation.

10. Peete etc aC em UN ea eel Ian ee Soa)

Scientists make observations Add the suffix -ational to the
and take notes during word observe to make the word
experiments. That means they observational.
watch the experiment to look for
changes. They observe too see
what happens.

11. hypothesis- to make a prediction
(variation - hypothetical)

The students made a hypothesis. They thought about the
experiment and stated what they thought would happen if
plants didn’t get water.

12. to grow something (variation -

We wanted to see if plants could grow in different
conditions. We used two mediums, sunlight and darkness.
——2 |

13. culprit- someone or something who
is guilty (variation - culpable)

The police caught the culprit that robbed the bank.