Reading Comprehension - Biography: Harry Houdini

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A biography on one of the world's most famous escape artists and illusionists. Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-American escape artist, illusionist, stunt performer, and mysteriarch noted for his escape acts.
Harry Houdif
By Michael

2. » Harry Houdini was born on March 24 1874 in
Budapest Hungary.
» He was named Ehrich by his parents.
» He moved his family to Appleton Wisconsin.
« Harry Houdini was handcuffed and sealed in a
coffin lowered into 12feet (3.7meters) of
Harry Houdini
3. » Harry Houdini is famous because he was
an escape artist.
» Houdini is famous because he can escape
in minutes.
e Houdini is famous because he escaped
any thing.

Harry Houdini
4. » Harry moved to New York city in 1887.
» Harry worked for a department store as a
messenger, photo assistant, and necktie
« He met Bess Raymond and fell in love.
« They got married on July 22, 1894.
e In May 1900 Houdini and his wife went back
to England and he performed his famous
handcuff trick.
» In 1904 the Houdinis returned to America
and he was an international star.
Harry Houdini later years
5. - Houdini impacted other people by doing
magic tricks.
He did tricks that people thought were
How Harry Houdini Impacted
Weople’s Lives
6. i '

to describe Harry


‘ture Book of Harry Houdini by |
dler and Michael S. Adler Harry Houdi