Pronouns: Interrogative and Demonstrative Pronouns

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Learning what interrogative and demonstrative pronouns are and how they are used. In order to tell the difference, you must analyze how these pronouns are being used in a sentence. If they are being used to ask a question, they are interrogative. When you use them to show or point to something, they are demonstrative.
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Lesson 26.1
Pronouns: Interrogative and Demonstrative

‘An interrogative pronoun is used to introduce an interrogative sentence. The
interrogative pronouns are who, whose, whom, which, and what. Who is used
when the interrogative pronoun is the subject of the sentence. Whom is used
when the interrogative pronoun is the object of a verb or preposition.
Who saw the accident? (subject) Whom did the driver hit? (direct object)
To whom did the police officer give a ticket? (object of a preposition)
That's a beautiful dog. Whose is it? (shows possession)
What bothers you? Which of those cassettes is it?
‘A demonstrative pronoun is one that points out something. The demonstrative
pronouns are this, that, these, and those.
This is a lovely painting. (singular, refers to something nearby)
These are lovely paintings. (plural, nearby)
That is a tall building. (singular, refers to something at a distance)
Those are tall buildings. (plural, at a distance)

p> Exercise 1 Underline each interrogative pronoun, Circle each demonstrative pronoun.
Who will volunteer for his?
1. Whom did you see behind the curtain?
I think this looks best on her.
Which is the Grand Champion ewe?
Who ate the last piece of cake?
That isn’t my backpack!
What are Jeff and Kevin talking about?
Those are really cool shoes.
Whose is the yellow house on Vine Street?
. I think I'l take four of these.
10. Which of you would like to go bowling?
11. This will do nicely, I think.
12, What is your answer for the last question?
Unit 4, Pronouns 117


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13. That is a plan I fear will never work!
14. Whose is this?
15. I'd love to have a pair of those.
16. Who is at the front door?
17. I'm sorry, these are not for sale.
18. Which is the tape you want to buy?
19. From whom did you get that?
20. What is happening here?
D> Exercise 2 Complete each sentence by writing a pronoun of the type indicated.
____What__is your favorite after-school snack? (interrogative)
1, ________is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten! (demonstrative)
2. is the architect of that building? (interrogative)
3. To______did you lend your raincoat? (interrogative)
4, _______is that green mountain bike? (interrogative)
5. Idon’t think is a good idea! (demonstrative)
6. Whose boots are ________? (demonstrative)
7. ________ was elected club treasurer? (interrogative)
8. Give____ to David because he was looking for them. (demonstrative)
9. are you going to meet on Saturday? (interrogative)
10. ________are those computer printouts? (interrogative)
11, _______of the candidates do you support? (interrogative)
12, _________will be at the party tonight? (interrogative)
13. _________ does she mean by that? (interrogative)
14, ______ are my parents standing over there. (demonstrative)
15. ______ should I choose? (interrogative)
16, _________is probably my favorite color. (demonstrative)
17. _______is that set of tools on the bench? (interrogative)
18, By____is that symphony? (interrogative)
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