Revision of Homophones - Different Pairs

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Here, students will revise everything they have learned regarding homophones so far. A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning. A homophone may also differ in spelling.


2. Homophones are words
that sound alike but have
different spellings and
For example, there is a pear that
is good to eat. | use a pair of
gloves because | have two hands.
Pay attention to see how the following
homophones are spelled.
3. week weak
* There are 7 days in
a week. Wa
* She has been sick
and is still weak.

4. they’re there their
° They’re going to be
last if they don’t

* The books are right
5. tale tail
* I love the fairy fale,
* The fox has a bushy

6. hole whole
* The golf ball went in
the hole.
* late the whole

7. hour our
* There are 60
minutes in an hour.
* Our class is going
to the museum.

8. through threw
° We are swimming
through the water.
@ eS
* She threw the ball to q
her brother. v Fy )

9. for four

* What do you want
for lunch?
* I see four apples.

* I can’t believe | ate
the whole thing!
* There are eight cars
in the parking lot.
11. * He runs so fast!

* Will you please sew
on the button.
12. see sea

* Do you see the
teacher? €.
* The ship travels on y
the sea.
13. flour flower
* | use flour to make
* | put the flower in
the vase.
14. two too to
* The baby has two
new teeth.
* | have too much
* Astronauts went fo
the moon.

15. Can you find ate or nine
misteaks in these sentences?
Make a list of the incorrectly spelled words on a sheet of paper.
Write them correctly.
¢ | will chews to take the advice.
¢ Please weight for me.
¢ The son is very bright today.
¢ What is the mane idea?
¢ | knead a knew pear of shoes.
16. You’re a homophone expert!