Adjectives: Ordering Adjectives in Sentences According to Conventional Patterns

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Demonstrating the command of standard English grammar conventions and usage when writing or speaking.
I can order adjectives in sentences
according to conventional patterns.
2. ® Demonstrate command of the
conventions of standard English
grammar and usage when writing or
® d. Order adjectives within
sentences according to conventional
patterns (e.g., a small red bag
rather than a red small bag).
3. tate Lara
® Adjectives are words that describe or
tell about nouns or pronouns.
® Adjectives make sentences more
® They give details that make your
meaning clearer.
® They tell what kind or how many.
4. Se) ee 10h 1 Oa
describe the
Happy Halloween

5. Use adjectives to
describe the bats.
6. USS aGJeCctives tYU
describe the jack-o-

7. VS aQJeClIVes tO
describe the

8. Sort the
What ey
Kind? Many?
six wicked
i) SV1g)
A VLaThK od / round
9. FUQHHQMnt Cie
adjectives in the
co PPE entence ee
the young children.
® We saw many pumpkins glowing
orange that scary night.
® My blonde wig didn’t match my
costume, so | had to buy one
black wig for fourteen dollars.
10. Which sentence
sounds better?
® The old green wicked witch
cackled out loud.
® The green wicked old witch
cackled out loud.
11. Adjectives have
LL ethedoli ae

13. ® An opinion adjective explains
what you think about
something (other people may
not agree with you).
® For example: silly, beautiful,
horrible, difficult
® Halloween opinion adjectives???
14. ® A size adjective, of course, tells
you how big or small something
® For example: large, tiny,
enormous, little
15. ® An age adjective tells you how
young or old something or
someone is.
® For example: ancient, new,
young, old
16. ® A shape adjective describes the
shape of something.
® For example: square, round,
flat, rectangular
17. ® A color adjective, of course,
describes the color of
® For example: blue, pink,
reddish, gray
18. ® An origin adjective describes
where something comes from.
® For example: French, lunar,
American, eastern, Greek
19. ® A material adjective describes
what something is made from.
® For example: wooden, metal,
cotton, paper
20. ® A purpose adjective describes
what something is used for.
These adjectives often end with
® For example: sleeping (as in
“sleeping bag”), catching (as in
“catching mitt”)
21. Some Examples of
Adjective Order


22. ® Click here to practice.
23. On your own...
® Write a sentence using three or
more adjectives IN ORDER.