Sentences: Distinguishing between Positive and Negative Sentences

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As the title states, this lesson examines the functioning of positive/affirmative and negative sentences.

Remedial Coaching class for Kerala University BA/BSc students

2. There are four
types of sentences.
¢ Declarative
OMe eee] Led
Oe eee 1 142)
« Exclamatory

Declarative Sentence
* Sentence that declares, asserts
or states something.
* Ends with a full stop.
* Other names: Declarative,
Assertive, Statement.
* Follows the order Subject-Verb

3. BP ee el ene) Positive & Negative
Peer Mela)
Sees Ree en ue ed
BT yee tema
Oe ecu cues cena) %
eee eee as ce SHE IS RUNNING

4. shall/should, will/would,
can/could, may/might, must, ought to, used
This is a chair.

Positive Sentences
. She can write.
. Reema had a white car.
They will come tomorrow.
Majo lifted the heavy box.
Shyju met with an accident.
You must write the exam.
oa b OND B
6. Ly aoe

Are not

Negative Sentences
Will not
Would not
Shall not
Should not
Could not
Have not
Has not
Had not
Must not
Do not
Does not
Did not
7. Changing Negative Sentences
to Positive Sentences

8. Positive to Negative
By adding Negative terms:
& 3

He is a talented student. He is not a talented student. |
She likes sweets. She does not like sweets.
The doctor always comes early. The doctor never comes early. SHE IS RUNNING R
They speak French. They do not speak French.

She can work hard. ‘She cannot work hard.

9. Change the negative sentences to affirmative
without changing the meaning.
Use Opposite word

aq | don't doubtthat he is sick.
Beena /s not as smartas Ritu.
He is never late.
| believe that he is sick.
Ritu /s smarterthan Beena.
He is always punctual,
Everyone is happyabout the new
10. Change the negative sentences to affirmative
without changing the meaning.
Use Opposite word
1) English is not difficult .
a 6] Payal losth 5
Affir:- English is easy . nRevalingverigst her wey)
Affir-Payal always remembered her way.
2] Nobody was absent .
Affir:-Every body was present . 7] But this is not possible now.
Affir:-But this is impossible now.
3] | am not alittle tired.
Affir:- 1am much tired . 8] His tender mind did not speculate on his father's delay.
aneintcicietanerer Affir- His tender mind failed to speculate on his father's delay.
Affir:- Mala failed to answer. 9] I can not attend their needs.
5] 1am not your friend . Aff: | am unable to attend their needs.
Affir:1 am your enemy/foe