The American Revolution quiz

In this quiz, you will get to know about the American revolution. You will learn about the thirteen colonies, some British taxes, the Boston tea party, and the struggle for independence.

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Which country ruled the Thirteen Colonies before the Revolutionary War?

United States


Great Britain


How did Great Britain rule the Thirteen Colonies from so far away?

Great Britain created a second national capital in the Thirteen Colonies.

The king of Great Britain traveled to the Thirteen Colonies once a month.

Each colony elected leaders to visit the British government once a year.

Each colony had its own government, and those governments had to follow British law.

Who was the king of Great Britain during the American Revolution?

King Richard III

King James II

King George III

King Henry VIII

Which of these things did the Sugar Act do in 1764?

It gave British officials new powers to enforce taxes on the colonist.

It doubled the tax on sugar imported into the colonies.

It limited the amount of sugar colonist were allowed to eat.

It forced the colonist to sell their sugar to England for a low price.

What did the Stamp Act do in 1765?

It made illegal for colonists to collect British stamps.

It placed a tax on many paper materials produced in the colonies.

It took away the colonists’ right to print newspaper.

It made postage prices the same in all British colonies.

Where did the First Continental Congress take place?

Washington, D.C.


New York city


Which of the following is false statement about the delegates to the First Continental Congress?

Most of the delegates had never met each other face to face.

Some of the delegates thought that the colonies should make peace with Great Britain.

The delegates included women and formerly enslaved men.

Some of the delegates thought that war with Great Britain was unavoidable.

On December 25, 1776 general Washington led the continental army across the Delaware river. why?

To escape the approaching British army.

To deliver first American flag to Washington, D.C.

To lead his soldiers home for Christmas.

To launch a surprise attack.

What is one reason the British focused their attention on the Southern Colonies starting in 1778?

The British had already defeated the Americans in New England.

The British hoped to find more Loyalist support in the Southern Colonies.

The British thought George Washington wouldn't fight in the Southern Colonies.

The British believed the Southern environment would make fighting easier.

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