Know the English Colonies in North America

In this quiz, you will get to know about the English colonies in North America. You will get to know about Jamestown, the religion, and government of the new England colonies, etc.

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In 1613, a Jamestown settler kidnapped Chief Powhatan's favorite daughter. What was she called?





For over a year, Pocahontas was kept as a prisoner near Jamestown. While she was a prisoner, she met a man named John Rolfe. He was a tobacco farmer from England. In 1614, John Rolfe and Pocahontas got married. Their marriage stopped the fighting between their people for around eight years!

Why was Pocahontas's marriage important?

It forced her husband to become a tobacco farmer.

It led to peace between the Jamestown and the Powhatan tribes.

It stopped war between Jamestown and England.

In 1618, the Virginia company made a new government for the Virginia colony. The new government met in Jamestown for the first time in July, 1619. What was the new government called?

The Iroquois confederacy

The Continental Congress

The Virginia General Assembly

The Commonwealth

This map is showing the Original 13 colonies. What is the name of the colony that is marked?

North Carolina

South Carolina



Original 13 colonies are shown in the map. Some of them are marked in the map. Match the numbers with the colonies they representing.

What is the largest farms in southern colonies focused on growing?


Cash Crops


Food staples

Above map is showing the original 13 colonies. Select the name of the colony that is marked.

New York

New Jersey



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