Learn the 20th Century American History

In this quiz, you will know about 20th century American history. You will find quiz questions on world war I and world war II.

You will get to know about the chain of events that happened in this century from world war I to world war II.

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What was World war I originally called?

The Great War

First War

European Revolution

European War

World War I started in 1914. It ended four years later. In what year did World War I end?





In the decades before World War I, many countries began to industrialize. During that time, what usually happened when a country industrialized?

People moved away from cities and into rural areas.

More people become farmers.

The country built and used more factories and machines.

The population of country shrank.

Which of these weapons is not used during World war I?



Machine gun

Fighter jet

Most nations at the Paris peace conference agreed to the Treaty of Versailles. Which of these countries did not agree to it?

Great Britain



United State

Which of the following countries lost World War I?


United States


Great Britain

There were two main alliances during World War II: the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers.

Which of the following nation is to from Allied Powers?


Great Britain


United States

How did the United States respond to the bombing at Pearl harbor?

The United States declared war on Japan.

The United States signed a peace treaty with Japan.

The United States asked The League of Nation for help.

The President of United States met with the Prime Minister of Japan.

In August 1945, the United States used a powerful weapon. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese people died in the attacks on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What Powerful weapon caused so many deaths?

Machine gun

Atomic bomb


Fighter jet

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