Understanding the Government, Constitution, and Bill of Rights

In this quiz, you will find the questions on the local, state, and Federal Government. You will get to know about the duties of the government. Along with this, you will learn about the Constitution and some bill of Rights.

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Which person is a part of city government?

A President

A Mayor

A Governor

How do local Government get money?

They sell food and cloths.

They trade with other cities.

They collect taxes.

How are governors chosen?

The Presidents appoint them.

Mayors appoint them.

Citizens of the state elect them.

City councils elect them.

What do governors do? Select all that apply.

Governors serve on city council.

Governors make sure their states are ready for emergencies.

Governors help come up with their states’ budget.

Governors suggest laws.

Governors choose the mayors in their state.

How many senators are there in the United States Senate?





What are the judges on Supreme Court called?





What is the United States Constitution?

A list of all people who served in United States government.

A written plan for the government of United States.

The first law written by English colonist in the North America.

A religious text from the middle ages.

What are some of the main purposes of the Constitution? Select all that apply.

To provide jobs for all Americans.

To tell Great Britain why the United States wanted to be independent.

To describe the plan for United States government.

To describe and protect Americans’ rights and freedom.

What does The Eighth Amendment prevents the Government from using?

the quartering of soldiers in private homes without the owner's consent.

Restriction on practice after being a permanent Judge.

imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments.

Imposing cruel and unusual technologies.

Match the following bill of Rights accordingly.

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