The Civil War and Reconstruction Quiz

In this quiz, you will learn about the Civil war. You will find questions on how the civil war started and how it ended. The quiz covers every small event of the civil war and the reconstruction phase.

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Following the 1860 election, South Carolina and six other Southern states decided to secede.

What does it mean for a state to secede?

The state declares war on other states.

The state cancels a law from federal government.

The state stops following the first amendment.

The state leaves the country.

Who did representatives from the seceded states choose to be the president of Confederacy?

Robert E. Lee

James Garfield

Stephen Douglas

Jefferson Davis

The Civil War began at Fort Sumter in April 1861. Why was Fort Sumter a likely place for the Civil War to start?

It was on the border between the Union and Confederacy.

It was near Washington, D.C.

It was a Union fort between seceded state.

It was most important fort in New York state.

How did the Battle of Fort Sumter end?

The fort was able to hold out until the new soldiers arrived.

Abraham Lincoln agreed to give up the fort.

South Carolina surrendered to Fort Sumter’s commander.

Fort Sumter’s commander surrendered to Confederate army.

The first group of states seceded soon after the 1860 election. A second group seceded after the siege of Fort Sumter. What pushed these new states to secede?

The confederacy offered gold to seceding states.

The confederacy returned Fort Sumter to Federal Government.

President Lincoln was re-elected.

President Lincoln called on loyal states to provide troop.

The Civil War was mostly fought in the Southern states. What advantage did this give the Confederacy?

The Confederate army didn't have to bring in men and supplies from far away places.

The Confederacy didn't have to worry about its cities being damaged.

Many Northern soldiers left the Union army and joined the Confederate army.

The Confederate soldiers could trust enslaved people to help them.

In 1862, Confederate general Robert E. Lee decided to go on the offensive. Which of the following would be an example of the Southern army taking the offensive?

building forts around Richmond

starting peace talks with President Lincoln

sending men to help defend Texas

attacking the Union armies in the North

The Union and Confederacy built many new ships during the Civil War. This is a painting of the first battle between two ironclads, the CSS Virginia and the USS Monitor.

Use it to answer the question below.

Based on the painting, which was true about ironclads?

They used sails.

They didn’t have weapons.

They were made of metal.

They were powered by oars.

During the Civil War, Great Britain and France were Neutral.

They both ##didn’t pick any side##. 

didn’t pick any side supported the South supported the North

In 1864, President Lincoln placed a general in charge of all the Union armies. Whom did he pick?

George A. Custer

Nathan T. Lane

Ulysses S. Grant

William T. Sherman

The time period after the Civil War is usually called Reconstruction.

What does it mean to reconstruct something?

to forget something entirely.

to destroy something.

to criticize something.

to build something again.

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