Know the American Symbols, Landmarks, and Monuments

In this quiz, you will get to know about the various American symbols, landmarks, and famous monuments. You will identify all these in the quiz. We have included the pictures of every symbol, landmark, and monument with the questions.

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Select the Great seal among the following.

Select the Gateway Arch among the following.

Match the following symbols correctly.

Select the Lincon Memorial among the following.

Select the national world war 2 memorial among the following.

Which of the following is the American flag?

What do the stripes on the American flag stand for?

The original 13 colonies

The first 13 Presidents

The first 13 people who signed the declaration of independence

The first 13 laws made by United States

The given image is of the White House of the United State.

Match the following facts related to it.

Why is the Statue of Liberty green?

Green was cheapest paint available that time.

The statue is made of copper. Copper turns green after it touches air and water.

French people wanted it to match a famous statue in France.

It has a special paint that keeps metal from rusting.

The Golden gate bridge connects which city to Martin city.

San Francisco


New York

Los Angeles

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