Basic concepts of Circles

This MCQ is based on the Basic concepts of Circles.

This includes chord and its theorem, inscribed, diameter, radius, area, and the angle subtended by the diameter of the circle.

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A chord is at a distance of 8 cm from the centre of a circle of radius 17 cm. The length of the chord is

25 cm 12.5 cm 30 cm 9 cm

AB and CD are two equal chords of a circle with centre O such that ∠AOB = 80°, then ∠COD =

100° 80° 120° 40°

An equilateral triangle of side 9 cm is inscribed a circle. The radius of the circle is

3 cm 3√2 cm 3√3 cm 6 cm

Sides AB and AD of a quadrilateral ABCD are produced to E and F respectively. If ∠CBE = 100°, then find ∠CDF.

100° 80° 130° 90°

D is diameter of a circle and AB is a chord. If AD = 50 cm, AB = 48 cm, then the distance of AB from the centre of the circle is

6 cm 8 cm 5 cm 7 cm

In a circle with center O and a chord BC, points D and E lie on the same side of BC. Then, if∠BDC=80°, then ∠BEC =

80° 20° 160° 40°

The center of the circle lies in______ of the circle.

Interior Exterior Circumference None of the above

If chords AB and CD of congruent circles subtend equal angles at their centres, then:

AB = CD AB > CD AB < AD None of the above

The longest chord of the circle is:

Radius Arc Diameter Segment

If there are two separate circles drawn apart from each other, then the maximum number of common points they have:

0 1 2 3

The angle subtended by the diameter of a semi-circle is:

90 45 180 60

If a line intersects two concentric circles with centre O at A, B, C and D, then:

AB = CD AB > CD AB < CD None of the above

ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral such that AB is a diameter of the circle circumscribing it and ∠ADC = 140º, then ∠BAC is equal to:

30º 40º 50º 80º

The radius of a circle is 13 cm and the length of one of its chords is 10 cm. The distance of the chord from the centre is

11.5 cm

12 cm

Sqrt(69) cm

23 cm

Segment of a circle is the region between an arc and ………..of the circle.





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