Surface Areas and Volumes

This MCQ is based on Surface Areas and Volumes of different solid shapes.

This includes the surface area of cuboids, the surface area of a cube, and finding the missing sides of solid shapes.

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The length of the longest rod that can fit in a cubical vessel of side 10 cm, is

10 cm 10√2 cm 10√3 cm 20 cm

A right circular cone has an altitude of 40 cm and a diameter of 60 cm. The slant height of the cone is

25 cm 100 cm 75 cm 50 cm

If the diameter of the base of a cylindrical pillar is 4 m and its height is 21 m, then the cost of construction of the pillar at Rs. 1.50 per cubic metre is:

Rs. 396 Rs. 400 Rs. 410 Rs. 420

The height of a right circular cone of radius 5 cm and slant height 13 cm is

8 cm 14 cm 6 cm 12 cm

The curved surface area of a right circular cone whose slant height is 14 cm and base radius is 21 cm is​

308 cm2 924 cm2 232 cm2 446 cm2

If the perimeter of one of the faces of a cube is 40 cm, then its volume is:

6000 cm³ 1600 cm³ 1000 cm³ 600 cm³

A cuboid having surface areas of 3 adjacent faces as a, b and c has the volume:

3sqrt(abc) sqrt(abc) abc (abc)²

The radius of a cylinder is doubled and the height remains the same. The ratio between the volumes of the new cylinder and the original cylinder is

1 : 2 3 : 1 4 : 1 1 : 8

Length of diagonals of a cube of side a cm is

√2a cm √3a cm sqrt(3a) cm 1 cm

If x ∝ y and x1= 5, y1 = 210 and x2 = 2, then find y2 ?

200 84 99 70

The surface area of a cube whose edge equals to 3cm is:

62 30 54 90

The surface area of cuboid-shaped box having length=80 cm, breadth=40cm and height=20cm is:

11200 13000 13400 12000

The volume of a hemisphere whose radius is r is:

4/3 πr3 4πr3 2πr3 ⅔ π r3

A cone has slanted height of 5cm and height of 4cm, its volume (in cm3) is __________

38.71 36.50 37.00 37.71

The formula to find the surface area of a cuboid of length (l), breadth (b) and height (h) is:

lb+bh+hl 2(lb+bh+hl) 2(lbh) lbh/2

If the radius of a cylinder is 4cm and height is 10cm, then the total surface area of a cylinder is:

440 352 400 412

Volume of a right circular cone of radius r and height h is given by __________

4/3πr^3 πr2h 1/3 πr2h 2/3 πr3^

What is the volume of a cone having radius of 21cm and height of 5cm?

2310cm3 2500cm3 6930cm3 7500cm3

Ratio of volume of a cone to the volume of a cylinder for same base radius and same height is __________

3 1/3 2 1/2

A triangle having sides equal to 7cm, 24cm and 25cm forms a cone when revolved about 24cm side. What is the volume of a cone formed?

1225cm3 1232cm3 4000cm3 3696cm3
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