Sentences: The Four Types of Sentences

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This lesson details each of the four types of sentences. There are four types of sentences in the English language: declarative, exclamatory, imperative, and interrogatory. Each sentence type serves a different purpose. Understanding the different sentence types and how to use them will help improve your writing skills.
1. There are four types of
2. • A declarative sentence
makes a statement.
• It is punctuated by a
• Example: The dog in
the neighbor’s yard is
3. • An imperative sentence is
a command or polite
• It ends in a period or
exclamation mark.
• Examples:
Close the door.
Please be quiet.
(polite request)
4. • An exclamatory
sentence expresses
great emotion or
• It ends in an
exclamation mark.
• Example:
The house is on fire!
5. An interrogative sentence asks a
It ends in a ? mark.
Is it raining?
6. Now let’s take a pop quiz.
You have an answer sheet on which to record your answers.
You may use these abbreviations: dec.(declarative), imp.(imper-
ative),ex. (exclamatory), int. (interrogative).
1. Have you made a decision yet?
2. The girl in the white jacket is lost.
3. The Bulldogs won the game in the last three minutes!
4. Give me a piece of pizza.
5. I did not finish my homework.
6. Where is my science book?
7. Please come with me to the movies.
8. I made a perfect score on this test!
9. Why is John late for our date?
10. Open your locker immediately.
7. Check your answers…
1. Int
2. Dec 0-1 mistakes EXCELLENT
3. Ex 2-3 mistakes GOOD
4. Imp
5. Dec
4-5 mistakes FAIR
6. Int More than 5 mistakes…
7. Imp view slide show again
8. Ex
9. In
10. Imp
8. By using the four types of sentences in your writing, you can
make your paragraphs more interesting.
Read the sample paragraph below.
My favorite type of fast food is pizza. I could eat pizza
morning, noon, or night. Pepperoni is my number one choice.
I also like double cheese on top. I wish I could order a pizza
right now.
Boring, right? Let’s see how we can use the four types of
sentences and make it more interesting to the reader.
9. What is your favorite type of fast food? My
favorite is pizza. I just love pepperoni and double
cheese. Sometimes I think I could eat pizza
morning, noon and night! All of this talk about pizza
is making me hungry. Let’s order a pizza now.
This is more interesting, right? In this sample we used the four
different types of sentences. They provided emotion, excitement,
pizzazz to our paragraph.
Now you try. On your worksheet you will find a paragraph
consisting of nothing but declarative sentences. Rewrite your
paragraph so that you utilize the four types of sentences.
10. This summer I visited Six Flags Over Texas.
Several of my friends went with me. We had lots of fun.
There were lots of exciting rides. My favorite was the Titan
rollercoaster. It had lots of twists and turns at 90 miles per hour.
We rode it at least three times. I would like to visit Six Flags again.