Using Reference Materials

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Describing the sources from which people gather general or specific information like Atlas, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Telephone Books, Internet, and Thesaurus.

1. Using Reference
Atlas, Encyclopedia,
Dictionary, Telephone
Books, Internet, and
2. You would like to
travel to Washington
D.C. How can you find
where this place is
4. You need to mail a letter
to the mayor of your
town but you don’t know
the address of his office.
Where can you look to
find the mayor’s
5. Phone Book

6. You are working ona
story about amusement
parks. You have used
exciting over and over
again. Where can you
find a synonym for

8. Last night there was a
tornado that hit in
Puerto Rico. What
resource can you use to
find out more
information about last
night’s tornado?
10. Your class is doing research
papers on someone who has
made an
impact on our country’s
history. Where can you find
about the person you chose for
this report?
12. You are reading a chapter in
your social studies book
and you find a
word you do not know.
How can you find the
definition to the word?
14. This week’s spelling words are hard
for you to understand. You have
already written the definition to the
words. You believe that by
finding synonyms and antonyms for
the words might give you a better
understanding of the definition.
Where can you find synonyms and
antonyms for a word?

16. Yesterday you exchanged
phone numbers with your
friend but you forgot to
write down the area code.
Where can you look to find
out the area code?
17. Phone Book

18. Tomorrow your class is going to
be learning about the
inventors. Your
teacher mentioned that
Benjamin Franklin invented
bifocals. How
could you find more
information about Benjamin
20. Your family is planning on
taking a trip to the Florida
Keys. You would
like to see how far it would be
from Tennessee to the Florida
What reference material would
you use to look at the distance?
22. President Obama is set to
sign a new law into effect at
12 noon today. At 2:00 p.m
you want to know if the law
was passed. What resource
can you use to find out if he
signed it or not?
24. You are learning about
landforms and would like to
find out what an
island is. Where would you
look for the definition of an
26. You want to go to Chick-fil-
A for dinner tonight. Your
parents are unsure which
Chick-fil-A is the closest to
your house. What can you
use to find out where the
closest Chick-fil-A is
27. Phone Book

28. You are trying to find out
how far it is from your
house to your
favorite park. Where
would you look for this
30. Your teacher has assigned
each person a continent to
Where would you find
information about your
32. | am writing an informational
paper on Eleanor Roosevelt for
my teacher. I need to know
when she was born. I do not
have an encyclopedia at home.
What other resource can | use
to find out this information?
34. You are participating in the
spelling bee at your school. The
says a word you do not know.
When you ask her to give you
the definition where might the
teacher get this information?
36. You are working on mountain
language. One of the questions
asks you
the opposite of a word. You do
not know the opposite of the
Where can you find the
antonym for this word?