Sentences: Contraction Action and Double Negatives

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A double negative is a statement that contains two negative words. If two negatives are used in one sentence, the opposite meaning may be conveyed. In many British, American, and other dialects, two or more negatives can be used with a single negative meaning.
1. Contraction Action
Double Negatives

2. Dewblle Negatives
* Only one negative word ina sentence.
- When a sentence uses two negative words
it is called a double negative.
no ean tele
don't can't oth
just barely hardly
ety only ana
rarely reat Ae) ean
3. ere AN e leh
Bad grammar:
They seldom ever visit us.
Good grammar: ay |
Maes A)
Bad grammar:
They didn't hardly have enough food left.
Good grammar:
They hardly have enough food left.
4. om Sere EAN eTeut
Bad grammar:
She isn't but a homeless little girl.
Good grammar:
la Lemme Cie ele
Bad grammar:
@ ie can't hardly wait for his present
ER olga
pa Good grammar:
ow con hardly wait for his present to
5. You Don't Need No
Double Negatives
. You aren't barely old enough to live on
your own.
. Why can't you hardly wait for your
parents to pick you up?
. She was so disappointed because she
couldn't go neither.
. L have so much to do that I haven't
ever got time to rest.
6. Contraction Action
i (atieee= Em
you are = you're
it is i
= eS = he's
7. Contraction Action
she is = she's
Oe eg
let us =let's el
did not = didn't
8. Contraction Action
we will = well
could not = couldn't
will not = won't
ee (on 1 ee Ze