Reading Comprehension - Passage: "Chinese New Year"

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This passage discusses Chinese New Year and how the Chinese traditionally celebrate the holiday or season, both in China and America
1. Today is the start of a
new year. Can anyone
tell me what year it is?
It is the year of the

2. What is Chinese New Year?
~ It is a celebration where families get
together and have lots of fun.
~ In China, their New Year is ona
different day. We celebrate on
January first. In China, they celebrate
in January or February.

3. How Do You Celebrate?
~ Can you tell me how we celebrate
New Years in America?
. Have a party
\ Eat dinner with your family
. Stay up late
~ Watch the ball drop
« Make resolutions (or goals)


In China
. They have a family reunion dinner on
New Year’s Eve. It is also when
everyone cleans their house to
prepare for the next year.
5. In China

« They have a fireworks celebration
and light lanterns.
8. Happy New Year!
. Although our parties look different,
America and China celebrate with
their families and loved ones.
« What is your favorite holiday or