Reviewing Nouns - Addressing Words

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A review of whatever we have covered regarding nouns from Grades 1 and 2. A noun is a word that names something, such as a person, place, thing, or idea. In a sentence, nouns can play the role of subject, direct object, indirect object, subject.

Nouns are words that tell us about people, things and places.

2. We can group nouns into different type:

® Proper Noun
PY Countable Noun
& Uncountable Noun
& Concrete Noun
@ Abstract Noun

3. Proper Nouns
are words use to name:
@ Specific People
&@ Countries & their people
DP Places
&® Days of the week or months or the
Special events or festivals
4. Common Nouns
Here are some examples of common nouns:

S| we | 2 |
B Butterfly flower car
sand balloon tree

== /( ©

5. Proper Nouns
are words use to name:
@ Specific People
> Emm ions
> Glen - y,
n ~ i c

6. Proper Nouns
are words use to name:
&@ Countries & their people
Country People
Singapore Singaporean
America American
Egypt Egyptian
Germany German
Thailand Thai
Canada Canadian
7. Proper Nouns
are words use to name:
&@ Places |

> Taj Mahal > Eiffel Tower > Roman
India Paris, France Colosseum
Rome, Italy
8. Proper Nouns
are words use to name:
&® Days of the week or months or the
Monday January July
Tuesday February August
Wednesday een September
April October
May November
Sunday vane
9. Proper Nouns
are words use to name:
&® Special events or festivals
p> Teachers’ Day
> Happy Birt ei app
p> World’s Health Day
10. Countable nouns & Uncountable nouns
ich of the nouns can we count? Put a tick in the correct circles.
Countable LUT)
. Bird
. Butterfly
. Water
SNF aR wy
11. Countable nouns & Uncountable nouns
Countable nouns can be counted.
Countable nouns can be singular or plural.
P one apple P one bottle » two apples
P an apple > abottle » A few/many apples
Uncountable nouns cannot be counted.
Uncountable nouns such as water and oi/ do not have plural.
> little water D> much water % two water
X% awater % an water XM A few/many waters
12. Singular nouns ==» Plural nouns [ETGE3@
add -s
Lamp => Lamps
Cat => Cats
Fork => Forks
Flower => Flowers
Pen => Pens
13. Singular nouns =» Plural nouns
> one bee > three bees
14. Singular.nouns ==» Plural nouns [ERRE7s
add -es
Bus => Buses
Box => Boxes
Dish => Dishes
Church => Churches
Tomato => Tomatoes
Buzz => Buzzes
Tax => Taxes
15. Singular.nouns ==» Plural nouns [ERREES
Change y to I add -es
Lady => Ladies
City => Cities
Army => Armies
Story => Stories
16. Singular.nouns ==» Plural nouns [EYPE:z!
Change f or fe to V add-
€Feaf => Leaves
Wife => Wives
Elf => Elves
17. Singular-nouns ==» Plural nouns [EW ee-z!
add-s or -es
Hero => Heros
=> Heroes
Potato => Potatos
=> Potatoes
Dwarf => Dwarfs
=> Dwarves
18. Singular.nouns ==» Plural nouns
Child =>Children Chil
Mouse => Mice Mouse
Man =>Men Mans %
Woman => Women Wnans
Tooth => Teeth Tooths%
19. Singular,.nouns,.== Plural nouns
Singular Plural ural x
Deer => Deer Deers X
Sheep => Sheep Sheeps X
Spacecraft => Spacecraft Spadcrafts
Fish => Fish Fishes A
20. Concrete nouns & Abstract nouns
& Concrete Nouns: are things that we can see, touch,
smell or taste.
Examoles: School, canc's) Sh0€S, Wé ae ’ book.
-e@e > &

candy bottle book
—® Abstract Nouns: are things that we cannot see, touch,
smell or taste.
Exa ve, happ _ exciten * eirdness
excitement weirdness love