Puritans' Settlement in America and their Way of Life

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This booklet discusses the reasons for Puritans' settlement in America, examines their way of life, and also highlights their relation with Native Americans.
1. Objective: To discuss the reasons for the Puritan’s
settlement in America and to examine their way of life.
Do Now: Which of the following freedoms would you
give up if you had to choose one? Why?
* Speech * Press * Religion * Trial by Jury
2. Roman Catholic
Baptists Episcopalians
Presbyterians Lutherans
Church of
Puritans (Pilgrims)
Puritans – a group of English Protestants that tried to
simplify the Church of England in the 1600’s.
3. England persecuted everyone that refused to agree with the
Church of England. Ex.) Puritans, Separatists, Catholics
Persecute – to
saw America
as a place
where they
could worship
Dissent – to
4. Video: Trouble in the Church of England
• The Puritans wanted to reform the Church of England.
reform - to change
- simpler forms of worship
- do away with Catholic traditions, such as organ music and
special clothes for priests.
5. • John Winthrop was the
leader of the Puritans.
6. • In 1629, the
Puritans were
granted a charter to
form the
Massachusetts Bay
7. Relations With Native Americans:
- Fighting increased as the Puritans settled on Native
American land.
A village militia
muster in
Bay Colony,
circa 1637.
8. Hard Work:
- The Puritans worked hard
at farming, fishing &
hunting to become
- religion and
education were
very important.
- dancing and
games were
disapproved of,
and illegal on the
9. - The Puritans wanted Massachusetts to be a "City on the Hill".
Video: Puritan Intolerance 0:02:26
• Witches were blamed as scapegoats for their problems,
such as:
- stress
- smallpox
- Native Americans
- belief in the devil
scapegoat - one that receives the blame for others.
11. Witch Scene – Monty Python and the Holy Grail