Know the Early 19th Century American History

In this quiz, you will get to know about early 19th century American History. You will learn about many historical events of early 19th American history. You will learn about the Louisiana purchase, the Lewis and Clark expedition, the War of 1812, and the Antebellum period.

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Complete the text.

In the Dred Scott case, the Supreme court also ruled that Congress should not pass laws against slavery ##in any of the territories##. This ruling meant the Missouri compromise was now unconstitutional.

in Southern cities in any of the territories on the east coast

In 1803, The United States bought Louisiana from which country?





Before the Louisiana Purchase, what was the western boundary of the United States?

Pacific Ocean

The Rocky Mountains

The Mississippi River

The Missouri River

In 1800, where did most Americans live?

Along the Mississippi river

Along the gulf of Mexico

West of Appalachian Mountains

Near the Atlantic coast

Which President arranged the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Thomas Jefferson

Andrew Jackson

Abraham Lincoln

James Madison

Complete the sentence.

The war of 1812 began in June of 1812 when ##the United States## declared war on ##Great Britain##.

Great Britain the United States Germany Russia France

Which President signed the declaration of war against Great Britain in 1812?

James Madison

James Monroe

Abraham Lincoln

James Polk

The time between 1820 and 1860 is called the antebellum period. What does the antebellum mean?

Before the war

After the war



In the United States, most enslaved people worked on large farms that grew crops to sell. What were these farms called?

Subsistence Farms




People in the 1800s had many different opinions about slavery. How did people spread their opinions about slavery back then? Select all that apply.

By giving speeches.

By speaking over the radio.

By publishing books or pamphlets.

By writing news paper articles.

At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, the delegates had many disagreements about the issue of slavery. One was whether to make the international slave trade illegal.

Which of the following is an example of the international slave trade?

taking enslaved people from Virginia to sell in Alabama.

taking enslaved people from African countries to sell in the United States.

taking enslaved people from one part of Tennessee to sell in another part of Tennessee.

taking enslaved people from the Northern states to sell in the Southern states.

In 1857, the Dred Scott decision was a major issue in a series of debates in Illinois. In those debates, Democratic senator Stephen Douglas was opposed by which Republican?

Jefferson Davis

Abraham Lincoln

Frederick Douglass

James Buchanan

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