Social Studies Quiz Covering Many Topics

In this quiz, you will learn about many topics of social studies including history as well geography. You will get to know about American history, states, government, oceans, continents, supply-demand, etc.

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Select the symbol pictured here.

Eye of Providence

Statue of Liberty

Liberty bell

The Great seal

Select the Rosie of Riveter among the following symbols.

What is the name of the state that is marked on the map?





What is the name of the capital of the state that is marked on the map?



Jefferson City


Which ocean is marked?





Complete the sentence.

The war of 1812 began in June of 1812 when ##the United States## declared war on ##Great Britain##.

the United States France Germany Russia Great Britain

When did the Great Depression begin?





A year ago, there were 12 companies that made motorized scooters. But over the past month, 5 of those companies went out of business. What probably happened to the overall supply of motorized scooters?

the supply probably went up.

the supply probably went down.

A car dealership has 20 brand-new cars. Each car costs $28,000. At that price, there are 40 people who want to buy one. Is there a surplus or a shortage of new cars?



Which sentence best describes the relationship between the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain in 1750?

People in Thirteen Colonies wanted to break away from Great Britain peacefully.

People in Thirteen Colonies were secretly rebelling against Great Britain.

Great Britain was tired of supporting Thirteen Colonies.

People in Thirteen Colonies were mostly happy to be the part of Great Britain.

The Patriots lost the battle of Bunker Hill. After the battle, one Patriot commander said this about the British:

I wish we could sell them another hill at the same price.

Why did the Patriot commander say this?

because the British paid patriots a lot of money to retreat.

because the patriot commander was paid a lot of money to fight in the battle.

because many patriot troops were killed during the battle.

because many British troops were killed during the battle.

In 1803, The United States bought Louisiana from which country?





At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, the delegates had many disagreements about the issue of slavery. One was whether to make the international slave trade illegal.

Which of the following is an example of the international slave trade?

taking enslaved people from Virginia to sell in Alabama.

taking enslaved people from African countries to sell in the United States.

taking enslaved people from one part of Tennessee to sell in another part of Tennessee.

taking enslaved people from the Northern states to sell in the Southern states.

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