Know the 20th Century American History

In this quiz, you will know about 20th century American history. You will find quiz questions on world war I and the great depression. You will get to know about the chain of events that happened in this century from world war I to the great depression.

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Look at the image of soldiers during World War I. Then answer the question.

Why are the soldiers in the image wearing masks?

to protect themselves form mosquitos in the trench.

to protect their face from poisonous gas.

to protect their ears form the sound of machine gun fire.

to protect their noses from the smell of dead bodies.

What was World War I originally called?

the European Revolution

the Great War

the First War

the European War I

In the decades before World War I, many countries began to industrialize. During that time what usually happened when a country industrialized?

the population of the country shrank or got smaller.

the country built and used more factories and machines.

People moved away form cities into rural areas.

more people become farmers.

Complete the text.

There were two main sides in world war I. One side was called the ______ and the other was called _____.

Allied Powers and Triple Entente

Central Powers and Axis Powers

Allied Powers and Central Powers

Axis Powers and Allied Powers

From August to November 1918, the Allied powers won many battles. This was called the Hundred Days Offensive. What happened after Hundred Days Offensive?

the Allied Powers started to lose a lot of battles.

Russia joined the war again.

Germany surrendered to the Allied Powers

the United States Congress decided not to send any more soldiers to Europe.

In January 1919, around 30 countries began to meet in France. What did the representatives of these countries discuss?

how to reward women for helping in World War I

terms of peace for World War I

how to handle influenza epidemic

During the Paris Peace Conference, one group of men was known as the “Big Four”. They represented the most powerful countries at the conference. Which countries did they represent?

Great Britain

the United States





What was the Great Depression?

most severe period of economic hardship in the 20th century

the discovery in 1934 of a huge cave in Arizona.

a weather pattern that caused the worst hurricane season of the 20th century.

the feeling of sadness felt by many Americans in 1970.

When did the Great Depression begin?





Who was the President of the United States at the start of the Great Depression?

James K. Polk

Herbert Hoover

William McKinley

Gerald Ford

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