Interesting Facts about George Washington

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This booklet helps students to learn about George Washington and his presidency. It also tells about the establishment in their cabinet, financial plan, major events, foreign affairs.
1. What was the
significance of George
2. Elections of 1789 and 1792
3.  Aspresident, George
Washington’s actions and
policies strengthened the federal
4.  For
example: in 1794,
Washington led an army into
Pennsylvania to end a farmer’s
rebellion against a whiskey tax
passed by Congress.
Whiskey Rebellion
5.  Washington set the tone for the
first 100 years of U.S. foreign
policy by adopting a position of
6.  In the 1790s, Washington
responded to warring European
nations by declaring the
neutrality of the U.S. (in the
Proclamation of Neutrality).
French Revolutionary War vs. Britain (1793)
7.  In Washington’s Farewell
Address, he advised the U.S. to
avoid permanent alliances with
foreign countries and to practice
President George
Washington’s Farewell Address (1796) (1789–1797)
8.  Washington was also the first
president to create and consult
with the Cabinet (presidential
Washington’s first Cabinet (1789): Secretary of War Henry Knox, Sec. of Treasury
Alexander Hamilton, Sec. of State Thomas Jefferson, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph
9.  This is an example of the
unwritten constitution
(governmental practices, based
on custom and tradition).
President Barack Obama’s Cabinet (2012)
President George W. Bush’s
Farewell Address