Understanding Advertising: A Way of Marketing a Brand, a Product or a Service

In this quiz, you will find questions related to what is an advertisement, how it helps in selling goods, services, and commodities.

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Who is confused because it really cannot be differentiated between top taste item and best taste item?

Consumer Manufacturer Shopkeeper Dealer

What is important to make people aware of a product?

Production Market Advertisement All of these

What is the rate for 30 seconds advertisement on a major T.V. channel?

one lac rupees 1.50 lac rupees 1.65 lac rupees 2.10 lac rupees

Why do companies show the advertisements again and again?

To defeat other advertisement To make it cheaper To make it costlier None of these

Towards what Advertisements draw our attention?

Product Brand values Brands All of the above

What does refer to the person for whom the goods have been made and who pays money to buy and use them?




All of these

When a company takes masoor ki daal and puts it into a packet, it will need

A special name (brand name)

Masoor ki daal

Top taste daal

None of these

Producing and showing advertisements in the media is very




None of these

Who try to sell products through advertisements?

Favourite film stars

Cricket heroes

Both (a) and (b)

None of these

What is the other name given to an item or a service made to be sold in the market?




None of these

Who invented Television?

John L. Baird

John B. Laird

John S. Saird

John M. Laird

What is the effects of advertisement?

Attract the attention of the consumers

Affect their choice of buying

Increasing the sale of products

All of the above

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