Women Change the World

In this quiz, you will find questions based on how women can change the world, different strategies used by them to spread awareness, fight discrimination, and seek justice

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Which a way to create new opportunities for women?

Household work Education Protest All of these

In which profession do we find more women?

Nursing Teaching Both of these None of these

what kind of the following jobs are females engaged more than males?

Nurses Farmers Pilots Factory workers

what kind of job are males engaged more than women?

Teachers Nurses Army officers None of these

Which of the following became more common in 19th century?

Hospitals Schools Discos Restaurants

Where was Rashsundari Devi born?

Maharashtra West Bengal Tamil Nadu Kerala

In which of the following languages did Rashsundari write her autobiography ?

Hindi English Sanskrit Bangla

What did women NOT do in pottery trade?

Collect the mud Prepare the earth Operate the wheel None of these

What was the title of Rashsundari’s autobiography ?

Discovery of India Meri 21 Kavitayen Amar Jiban None of these

What is the main aim of families in general for the future of girls?

Higher education Marriage Good career None of these

Who were the famous women who make changes in other women’s life?

Rashsundari Devi Ramabai Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain All of the above

What was the title given to Rama bai?

Swami Intellectual Lady Pandita

Right to vote in India is known as

Universal Adult Franchise Right to politician Adult Voting power Right to Single vote

This refers to physical or verbal behaviour that is of a sexual nature and against the wishes of a woman.

Male harassment Sexual harassment Gender harassment Domestic harassment

Earlier it was believed that if a woman learnt to read and write

She would bring bad luck to her society

She would bring bad luck to her family

She would bring bad luck to her husband and become a widow

She would bring bad luck to her children

What do you mean by stereotypes?

All boys are superior in class

All people are behaved in a particular manner

Rich people are higher in class

None of these

What percentage of ST girls leaves school at primary level?





In which year the law was passed to give women protection from domestic violence?





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