A Shirt in the Market: From the Producers of Cotton to the Buyers of Shirt in the Market

In this quiz, you will be able to solve questions based on all the steps that are involved in the journey of bringing a shirt to the market.

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The story of shirt does begins with:

Spinning Production of Cotton Weaving Selling

How much amount did Swapna borrow to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc.?

Rs 1500 Rs 2000 Rs 2500 Rs 3000

What promise did Swapna make to the traders?

Not to give interest to him To give heavy amount of interest To sell her all cotton to him None of these

Where is cotton sold in Andhra Pradesh?

Kurnool Hyderabad Vijaywada None of these

Which is a factory where seeds are removed from cotton bolls and then spun into thread?

Ginning mill Cloth mill Handloom factory Powerloom factory

Which is the largest cloth market in the world?

Tamil Nadu Delhi Ahmedabad Agra

Who from the following is part of ‘putting out system?

Farmers Weavers Consumers Foreign buyers

Who sells his goods abroad?

Importer Exporter Manufacturers Merchant

Who does not earn any profit when a sihirt is sold to a consumer?

Businessperson Merchant Worker Exporter

How a merchant distributes work among the weavers?

Based on orders received Based on wages Based on ages None of these

What do you think large farmers would sell their cotton?

Weekly market Market Export Import

Who sends the manufactured garments to other countries of the world?

Exporter Importer Manufacturer Worker

Who buys the bales of cotton to convert them into yarn?

Ginning mill Spinning mill Cleaning mill Weaving mill

Why do you think more women are employed in the Impex garment factory?

They don’t take leave They agree to work at lowest wages They do finishing work None of these

What is linked in the chain of market?

Producer and buyer Producer and retailer Producer and worker None of these
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