Eighteenth-Century Political Formations

in this quiz, you are going to solve questions related to the Political Formation of Eighteenth-Century, Aurangzeb, Ahmad Shah Abdali, Sawai Jai Singh.

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Small political groups of the Sikhs were called

Khalsa Misls Dalkhalsa none of these

Chauth was the ……….. of the land revenue.

10% 20% 25% 30%

Who was the founder of Maratha empire?

Shivaji Tipu Sultan Raja Jai Singh None of these

Shivaji adopted the title of Chhatrapati in

1701 1760 1752 1762

Dalkhalsa was set up in 1699 by

Guru Nanak Singh

Guru Tegh Bahadur

Guru Gobind Singh

Guru Har Kishan

During which century the Mughal Empire declined?

18th 16th 19th 21th

Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded North India times between 1748 and 1761.

3 4 5 6

Ahmad Shah Abdali was the ruler of

Afghan Iran Iraq none of these

Aurangzeb died in the year

1700 1710 1725 1707

Aurangzeb had depleted the military and financial resources by fighting a long war in the

East India North India Deccan none of these

Sawai Jai Singh founded his new capital here:

Malwa Amber Jodhpur Jaipur

During whose rule Jagat Seth became prosperous in Bengal?

Murshil Quli Sa’adat Khan Alivardi Khan Asaf Jah

Who was the powerful governor of Bengal?

Sa’adat Khan Murshid Quli Khan Asaf Jah Alivardi Khan

Who were the Telugu warrior chiefs’?

Nayakas Jathas Misl All of these

Which of the following enjoyed the zat rank of 7000?

Asaf Jah Murshil Quli Khan Both of these None of these

What were the offices held by Sa’adat Khan?

Subadari Diwani Faujdari All of the above

Nadir Shah was the ruler of which country?

Iran Afghan Iraq None of these

Who got the title of Asaf Jah founder of state of Hyderabad?

Burhan-ul-Mulk Nizam-ul-Mulk Both (a) and (b) None of these

What was the Jats were prosperous about?

Artists Agriculturist Craftsman None of these

Who were the ijaradars?

Revenue farmers Farmers Tax collectors All of these
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