Markets Around Us: A Place for Sale and Purchase of Goods

In this quiz, you will be going the solve the questions related to market, Importance of a market, and different types of market.

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What are different types of markets?

Weekly neighbourhood Mall All of these

Why is weekly market called so?

Because it is held on a specific day of the week Because it is held on alternate days Because it is held daily All of the above

From where can we buy the medicines?

Weekly market Dairy Chemist shop Groceries

The road side hawkers sell a large building with many floors having

vegetables fruits plastic items all of these

We can purchase goods through which of the following means other than markets:

Internet Phone None of these Both of these

What is a series of markets that is connected like links in a chain because products ‘ pass from one market to another?

Chain of market Wholesale market Weekly market Shopping malls

What type of items are sold in the malls?

Branded Unbranded Cheap All of these

Where is the largest wholesaling vegetable market in Delhi?

Azadmarket Azadpur Azad Nagar None of these

What does refer to buying and selling in large quantities?

Weekly market




Who is traders?

People between employee and consumer People between producer and consumer People between staff and employee None of these

Budh bazaar and Shani bazaar are the example of

Shopping complex Weekly market International market Shops in neighbourhood

Erodes merchants who sell goods to Delhi they sell to the foreigner who are from

Africa and Europe US and Australia US and Europe US and Africa

Why is women are employed in the garment factories?

Thread cutting Buttoning Ironing and packaging All of the above

Weaver"s _____ are one way to reduce the dependence on the merchant and to earn a higher income for the weavers.

Traders Company Cooperatives Partnership

Shopkeepers in a weekly market are

Small traders

Large traders


All of these

What is done in the wholesale markets?

Goods reach here at very last

Goods are very higher in price

Goods first reach here

None of these

What is required to do cashless shopping?

Ration card

Credit card

Driving license

All of these

What refers to buying and selling in large quantities?

Weekly market




The amount that is left or gained from earnings after deducting all the costs is known as _________?





What are the links between producers and traders?




None of these

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