New Kings and Kingdoms: Dynasties in Different Parts of the Subcontinent Between the Seventh and Twelfth Centuries

In this quiz, you will find the questions on the kings and kingdoms found in different parts of the subcontinent between the 7th to 12th centuries.

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Who were expected to bring gifts for their kings in 17th century?

Samantas Overlords Maha-samantas Maha-mandaleshvara

When were Samantas declared Maha-samantas?

When they bring gifts for their kings When they provide kings with military support When they gain power and wealth None of the above

What is the literal meaning of hiranya-garbha?

Rashtrakutas Dantidurga Golden womb Golden deer

What was the other name of the great lord of a ‘circle’ or region?

Samantas Subordinates Maha-mandaleshvara King

Which new dynasty developed in eastern part of the country?

Cholas Palas Chahamanas Rashtrakutas

What was the use of money collected from taxes?

To finance the kings’ establishment Construction of temples and forts To fight wars All of these

In which language was the prashasti found in Gwalior written?

Hindi English Sanskrit Urdu

What is Vetti?

Rent Tax Revenue None of these

Chalukyas were concerned to the state:

Karnataka Tamil Nadu Kashmir Andhra Pradesh

Temple of Cholapuram ‘Gangaikonda’ was built in the year:

1000 AD 1035 AD 1050 AD 1100 AD

Which river was used for the agriculture purpose by the Cholas?

Sindh Ganga Kaveri Yamuna

Who was the first emperor of the Cholas?

Vijayalaya Chola, Rajendra Chola Aditya Chola Uttam Chola

Who Built Thanjavur?

Vijayalaya Chola Sultan Mahmud Ghazni Rajendra None of these

Maharaja-adhiraja stands for ……..?

Great king Lord of the three worlds The creator The protector

Chola bronze images are considered amongst the finest in the

World Asia India Europe

Cholas mainly ruled in the State:

Madhya Pradesh Kashmir Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh

Who was the founder of the Chola kingdom?

Simhavishnu Vijayalaya Rajendra Krishna

Who invaded the Somnath temple in Gujarat?

Akbar Muhammad Ghori Mahmud Ghazni None of them

The functionaries for collecting revenue were recruited from




Influential families

Prashastis tell us how rulers wanted to depict themselves as


Valiant victorious warriors


All of these

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