Tribes, Nomads, and Settled Communities

In this quiz, you are going to solve questions related to Tribes, Nomads, and Settled Communities like Banjaras, Ahom, Khokhar, Gonds, and, the Regions where they stay

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Who used the services of Banjaras as trading nomads?

Alauddin Khalji Jahangir Both of these None

The important tribe of Bihar is

Mundas Ahoms Khokhar Gonds

Which tribal group established a powerful kingdom in Assam?

Khokhar Ahoms Gonds Banjaras

Which tribe was influential in Punjab in 13th and 14th centuries?

Khokhar Ahoms Gonds Baiyaras

Tribals obtained their livelihood from:

Hunting Agriculture Herding All of these

The Ahom tribes migrated from

Iran Arab Myanmar (Burma) China

Who was Bir Narain?

Ruler of Sind Ruler of Punjab Son of Rani Durgawati None of these

How many units of villages were called chaurasi?

80 84 14 24

Kamal Khan Gakkhar was mansabdar in region of:

Babin Akbar ShahJahan None

Khokhar tribes lived in:

Jammu and Kashmir Assam Punjab Tamil Nadu

Many societies in the subcontinent did not follow the social rules and rituals prescribed by the Brahmanas; they are called:

Poets Peasants King and its family Tribes

Specialized artisans were:

Smiths, carpenters and peasants were specialized artisans. Smiths, carpenters and masons were specialized artisans. King, soldiers, carpenters and masons were specialized artisans. None.

Verna was prescribed by:

Brahmanas King Poets Artisans

The main occupation of Gond tribes was





A division of Gond kingdoms controlled by a particular clan was termed as





Paik are

The landlords

The forced labourers

People wandering from one place to another

Clan in the Ahom society

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