Towns, Traders, and Craftspersons: Commercial Activities and Craft Production

In this quiz, you will find questions based on Craft production, trading, potters, toddy makers, smith, etc.

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What was Mandapika?

Mandap Mandi Mandal None of these

Which of the following was a pilgrim centre?

Bombay Calcutta Surat Pushkar

The Rajarajeshvara temple was constructed in

Ajmer Bijapur Vijayanagara Thanjavur

Which of the following was also an example of a temple town (The capital ofCholas)?

Ajmer Thanjavur Berar Golconda

Tanjavur is situated on the river:

Kaveri Krishna Mahanadi Godavari

Important trade centre from western India was

Masulipatnam Hampi Surat Madurai

Hampi was the capital of which Empire of the following?

Vijayanagara Mughal Mewar None of these

Who lived in the ‘Black towns’ in cities such as Madras?

Weavers Native traders Crafts person All of the above

What was the capital of Vijayanagara?

Mughal Hampi Mewar None of these

Hampi was the capital of which empire?

Mughal Vijayanagara Mewar None of these

Kabul and Qandahar were linked to which route?

Silk Route Cape Route Suez Canal Route Cotton Route

The fort at Masulipatnam was built by whom?

Dutch English French Portuguese

Saliyar or Kaikkolars were

Weavers Farmers Traders Craftsman

Qutb Shahi rulers of

Bijapur Bidar Golconda Hampi

___ traders, including the communities of Hindu____ and Muslim Bohras, traded extensively with the ports of the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, East Africa, Southeast Asia and China.

Tamil, Jat Punjabi, Baniyas Gujarati, Baniyas Marathi, Jat

Bronze is an alloy containing

Copper and zinc Copper and tin Gold and tin Zinc and tin

Fish port town is called

Masolipatnam Masulipatnom Masulipatnam Masulipatnem

Masulipatnam was famous for its

Elephant trade


Crafts production of copper and silver

Trading port

The people from distant land visited Surat because

It was the Gateway to West Asia

It was a beautiful place

It was the pilgrim centre

None of the above

Associations or unions of persons of any particular craft was (were) termed as





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